NSF L2 Subscription

Duration: 2 Months
Sale price$19.99
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L2 is NSF's central subscription service on the website, with one of the most comprehensive collections of never-before-seen videos, photos, and documents, with coverage for all launch vehicles, spacecraft, and launch sites, ranging from the early days of the rocket program through to future vehicles, organically growing with continuous contributions of content and high-level discussion with a space industry water cooler discussion enabled by our L2 forum format.

With memberships starting at just $19.99, your subscription directly supports NSF operations, and its vast amount of content means you will never run out of things to download and enjoy, from the historical to the live addition of content, from Starbase to KSC, to around the world.

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Interested? First, to access L2 you will require a forum username for upgrade. If you do not have an active account, please sign up here - and then enter it into the box on the page. You will need an active NSF forum user account to allow for the upgrade. Entering a username that is not an active registered username on the NSF forum will not result in access to L2.

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