NSF Trivia Quiz - July 2023 - Falcon 9 reusability

With SpaceX working on Starship, full reusability is in sight for the future of rockets. But not only Starship has been reused so far. Falcon 9 is the workhorse of the SpaceX fleet right now, with over 15 flights on two boosters at this point. B1058 and B1060. 

Both Boosters have not only launched a lot of Starlink satellites to space, but also high profile cargo missions for customers. Lately, B1060 even launched a transformer mission on its 15th flight.

While turn around times are going up with increasing maintenance and checkouts performed on these boosters, they still managed to turn around both boosters in about 200 days, after their 15th flight.

Now to our trivia question. Which Booster performed the first 2nd flight of a Booster. The answer will be a 5% discount code on a product in our store.

Discount Format: "B10XX"