NSF L2 Lifetime Subscription

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L2 is NSF's central subscription service on the website and you're on this page because you're interested in going lifetime.

Lifetime is exactly what it means, you will never have to worry about your subscription running out and thus will never need to renew again. It was requested many years ago by one year renewers asking if there was such a way to have a one-off payment option and thus lifetime was born. The first L2 lifer is now 10 years into their term and thus you can see the benefit to them and also to NSF as this is a big support level.

As a bonus perk, we are utilizing this manual "forever a member" ability to allow for you to be invited into our NSF member discord with L2 level access (extra channels relating to L2) which is normally a YT membership level. You get that, for life, for free as part of your L2 lifetime membership.

To complete your lifetime upgrade, simply purchase here, adding your username and your lifetime level will be confirmed via a message to your username account on the forum. Any questions/issues, simply e-mail support@nasaspaceflight.com

Thank you! You are making a big contribution to our drive to provide you with more and more cool content.

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